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Divvyachetna is a Spiritual healing, Meditation, Research & Training Foundation where your body mind and soul takes rest and feel peaceful in its soothing and positive environment. It is one of the "Alternative Medicine Institute & Research Organization". Because of Dr.L.K.Sharma vision and generosity, the Center has grown into one of the region's premier providers of "integrative medicine, "alternative medicine","complementary medicine" and healthcare services.

All courses are Certified and are taught in classroom sessions

Distance Learning also available

Divvyachetna center has soothing environment which makes the person relaxed and comfortable. While discussing the client's problem we maintain the familiar environment and gives the privacy, so that the client feels safe to discuss each and everything about his different aspects of life.
OUR SERVICES :-Individual / Group / Corporate Classes, Personal Healing, Distant Healing, Workshops, Predictions, Remedies & Vastu Visits, Special Attunements / Shaktipat............


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